schedule : results  : certificate : IDO officials / meetings / license book


All times are according to the number of enrollments and subject to change. Dancers please
be prepared 90 minutes before each round!

official music

You can find the official mix 20:22, information and rules for the music played at the World Championships published at the official partner: Dan the Man


the size for production will be about 30 m wide
& 18 m deep

Results here:

(link coming soon) 

additionally they will be e-mailed to participating IDO-nations after the end of the event.


Certificates are the official proof of ranking, every contestant will get a certificate including the ranking (certificates are ready approximately within 90 minutes after elimination)

Finalists will get the certificates at the winner’s ceremony all the other certificates will be handed out to the Team-Captains only at the check-in counter.



Chairperson of judges:
Srdic Velibor (Bosnia & Herzegovina)
Dan Jensen Kirsten (Denmark)

Rott Carsten (Germany)

Huber Vesna (Slovenia)
Laterner Ziva (Slovenia)

Team-Captains, if you have got any questions please do not hesitate to ask the official IDO staff members.

License Book

All dancers – solos, duos, groups / crews, formations and productions – have to be registered with the IDO. Registration is handled through DIES, the “IDO Direct Internet Enrolment System”. Each country’s team captain has to pay the license fees of 20.00 Euro per dancer with the IDO head office before entering the competition.


Hip Hop Battle Exam
Official IDO Judges Meeting

Location: Stadthalle Graz
All Judges must be attending!

IDO Streetdance Consultative Meeting

Meeting point at the Check-In Counter.