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Stadthalle Graz
Grazer Messe
Messeplatz 1, 8010 Graz
Phone: +43 (0)316 80880

main entrance : Conrad von Hötzendorf Straße 

dancers entrance : Fröhlichgasse

hall plan: coming soon

The seating is designed to give the best view to  most seats at all times. Please stay seated throughout the whole round/performance.

Due to safety reasons, running is not permitted within the dancefloor area or sight lines and the stairs, to access the stand, need to remain free at all times.

Busses may stop on the side entrance of Stadthalle Graz – see plan – 
Parking in front of the main entrance is permitted due to safety reasons.

access plan for bus:
coming soon

Parking is available next to the Stadthalle

  • outdoor parking
  • parking garage
    both located at "Fröhlichgasse"

follow the signage to the main entrance of the venue

opening hours

8:30 AM
check-in // 09:30 competition start
open until 1 hour after finishing the last competition of the day

For the latest merchandise visit the official merchandise outlets in the entrance hall of the venue.


Official pictures are available through our partner TBA.
For more information,  stop by in the entrance hall or see their website:

coming soon

lost & found @ check-in counter

For fire-safety reasons, the use of heating equipment of any kind is strictly prohibited within the venue.


first aid
First aid staff is on duty at all times during the competition. Positioned next to the main hall (entrance left side), they are approachable in any case of help or assistance needed. If an accident occurs, the injured person might be brought to the closest hospital. This may create further expenses, which have to be covered by a valid health insurance or in cash.

Due to the higher sound volume during the contest,
Ear Protection will be available
at the check-in
counter or with first aid staff
for free.

would you like to discover our beautiful old-town city of Graz?

Take the public transport. The Tram (public train) right in front of the main entrence takes you to the city centre.

For more information about Graz, have a look at: www.graztourismus.at or visit their buro (Herrengasse 16).

We offer also free Graz maps to discover the city. The entrance ticket of the Championship is also a public transport ticket before and after the competition! (not the dancers-wristband)